Student Policy

About the Primordial Center of Excellence

The Haryana Skill Development Mission, Government of Haryana, to give impetus to skill driven employability initiatives in the State, has empanelled Primordial Systems PL as a Center of Excellence for conducting employment-oriented ‘Graduate Management Trainee Program’ and to provide knowledge, soft-skills, as well as technical-skill driven training in the identified industry sectors to the graduate youth of Haryana.

The Center of Excellence, with a mission of ‘No Graduate Left Behind’, has been anchored on the principles of integrity, diversity & growth. We welcome graduates, who have a strong will to shape, develop and transform their professional and personal skills to explore Programs at the Center of Excellence.

About the Student Policy Document

This Policy Document governs all processes pertaining to application, admission, academics, activities & events, evaluation, training & placement, certification, and general conduct of graduate/ under-graduate youth who intent to enroll, or are already enrolled in, Programs at the Center of Excellence.

The Center of Excellence may, from time to time, make amends to this document with or without prior notice, and such amendments shall be final and binding upon all graduate youth who intent to enroll, or are already enrolled in its Programs.

The Center of Excellence welcomes suggestions for improvements/ update to this Policy Document and requires the same to be communicated in writing to the Office of Student Affairs for review.

  1. Admissions
    1. The Application Form for admission to the Center of Excellence Programs is available free of charge for all applicants.
    2. Applicant is required to carefully peruse information regarding the Center of Excellence and its Programs, Fee Schedules, Placement Records, information regarding its associations with corporate and education institutions, empanelment with the Haryana Skill Development Mission, Government of Haryana etc. to help him/her take an informed decision prior to applying for admission. Additionally, the applicant may seek counselling assistance from the Center of Excellence representatives for clarifying any queries pertaining to the Programs.
    3. Applying to any of the Programs shall be the personal choice of the applicant and he/she has all rights to decide for or against it after perusing the contents published in public domain.
    4. Applicant must follow the due process for being considered for admission to The Center of Excellence Programs –
      1. Submission of completed Application Form with required documents
      2. Participation in written evaluation and/or personal interaction session for evaluation of industry fitment (as applicable)
    5. The Center of Excellence does not collect, or require deposition of, any original academic marksheets, testimonials, etc. at the time of submitting the Application Form. Applicant is only required to submit self-attested copies of relevant documents, which the Center of Excellence shall physically verify against the originals at the time of admission of the applicant in his/her presence and return the Originals immediately after satisfying itself about their authenticity and veracity (only in respect to the submitted originals), keeping the attested copies for its record.
    6. Admitted applicant must mandatorily submit all the documents required as sought by the Department of Student Affairs & Department of Corporate Affairs as per the timelines communicated to them, failing which, the Center of Excellence may annul the individual’s enrolment to the Program.
    7. Admission of an applicant having a ‘result awaited’ status for any of their graduation papers shall remain ‘Provisional’ till such time as the requisite documents are submitted for verification to the Center of Excellence. Applicant under this category is required to submit a declaration form citing the date of submission for the pending documents. Further, such student will be allowed to appear for final examinations or proceed for internships only upon submission of the required academic documents. Delay in submission of these documents beyond two-months from joining the Program will require him/her to appear for examinations/ internships along with other students admitted in subsequent batches. Any further delay beyond two-months in submission of the requisite documents will result in the annulment of his/her enrolment at the Center of Excellence.
    8. Applicant must make all disclosures, if any, pertaining to his/her Financial Limitations, Criminal Records, Medical Conditions etc in writing to Center of Excellence along with his/her Application for admission Programs at the Center of Excellence. Incorrect disclosure, falsification of domicile, financial or academic records, and/or withholding information pertaining to the necessary submissions/ disclosures shall be grounds for disciplinary action against the admitted applicant (student) and/or immediate termination from his/her respective Program.
    9. Admitted applicant must provide current and updated contact details including permanent address, present residential address telephone, e-mail etc. to the Department of Student Affairs at the time of his/her admission along with alternate emergency telephone numbers. The student is also obligated to update his/her contact information as and when necessary via written intimation to the Department of Student Affairs.
  2. Program Fee
    1. Admitted applicant (Student) to the Center of Excellence Programs is required to remit non-tuition and tuition fee components in a timely manner in accordance with the prescribed Fee Schedule furnished along with his/her Letter of Admission.
    2. The student must remit all fee payments only via Demand Draft/ Crossed-Cheques/ Credit Cards/ e-Payments/ Cash transfer in accordance with the designated bank details available in public domain on Notice Boards/ Website as well as with the Department of Student Affairs.
    3. The Center of Excellence will issue notification to a student in the event of non-receipt of fees on the due date requiring the defaulting student to clear the outstanding dues within a prescribed period of time. In the event that the student fails to clear his/her dues even after reminder notification, the Center of Excellence reserves the right to initiate such steps including refraining the student from attending lectures, participating in events/ workshops, appearing for assessments/ examinations, withdrawal from training & placement etc. at its sole discretion. The student/ parent/ guardian waives off their right to initiate any steps against Center of Excellence rising out of steps initiated for such defaults on part of the student.
    4. The student may be required to pay additional nominal fee (over & above the non-tuition & tuition fee) as applicable towards -
      1. Supplementary Examination Fee in case the student fails to clear the examination and is required to reappear for the same.
      2. Revocation of Termination Fee in case the student is terminated from the Program for specific disciplinary reasons and is later considered for readmission to the Program.
  3. Fee Refund
    1. The Center of Excellence follows the following four-tier system for the refund of fees in situations where an admitted applicant (student) chooses to withdraw from the Program of study –
      S.No. % of Refund
      of Fee*
      Point of Time of Notification of Withdrawal
      to Primordial Center of Excellence
      1. 100% More than 7-days before formally notified date of batch commencement
      2. 80% Not More than 7-days after formally notified last date of batch commencement
      3. 50% More than 7 days but less than 15 days after formally notified last date of batch commencement
      4. 00% More than 15 days after formally notified last date of batch commencement

      *Aggregate Fee: Including tuition and non-tuition fee components
    2. The Center of Excellence shall, in case of (1) above, deduct an amount equivalent to 10% of the aggregate fees (inclusive of tuition and non-tuition fee as Admission Processing Charges.
    3. Fee Refund due, if any, shall be remitted to the student within fifteen days from the date of receiving a written application from him/her in this regard.
    4. In case a student, who after withdrawing from the Program, chooses to reapply for admission to the Center of Excellence within one calendar year of withdrawal, his/her non-refunded component of aggregate fee (in case of I.1/2/3 above) shall be adjusted in full against the total aggregate fee prevalent at the time of his/her seeking readmission to the Center of Excellence Program.
  4. Program Academics
    1. The Center of Excellence uses the following parameters to assess a student’s performance during the course of the Program as well as the consideration of granting a certification towards Program completion –
      1. Minimum of 75% attendance in class & during internship
      2. Internal Performance Evaluation: Assignments, Class Tests, Tutorials, Paper Presentations, Projects & other Academic related activities
      3. Employability Assessments: Employability Fitment Test and other Training & Placement evaluation activities
      4. External Performance Assessment
      5. Behaviour & Decorum in Campus & during internship
      6. Submission of all required documentation
    2. A Student successfully conforming to the requirements under the listed criteria shall be awarded a Program completion certificate by the Center of Excellence based on third-party evaluation, as applicable. The student may also receive other certificates basis his/her participation in optional activities facilitated by Center of Excellence.
    3. In case a student is unable to clear the academic requirements under one or more parameters, he/she will be required to appear for a supplementary examination after complying with all the procedural requirements pertaining to the supplementary examination as determined by Center of Excellence. The Student required to clear his/her supplementary examination shall only be entitled to participate in the supplementary examinations scheduled for the month following their term-end assessment. A student who fails to comply with the requirements of supplementary examination will not be permitted any further re-assessment facilities and subsequently shall not be awarded Program completion certification.
    4. Center of Excellence reserves all rights to modify the pedagogy & evaluation system of its Programs within a defined framework to improve training and placement prospects of its students and to ensure that the curriculum remain current and in line with the industry demands.
  5. Training & Placements
    1. The Center of Excellence’s employability-skills Programs are focused on facilitating gainful employment to each and every student on successful completion of the Program as well as internships/ on-job-trainings as an intrinsic part of the curriculum (as applicable). However, successful placement require a strong commitment from the student to imbibe the professional and personal skills imparted during the Program and leverage them to showcase his/her strengths to the industry for being extended an offer of employment.
    2. The Center of Excellence facilitates internship/ placement opportunities based on the assessment of a student’s skills across multiple parameters in addition to a student’s aspirational inputs for a particular internship/ placement opportunity. However, the internship and/or placements facilitated shall be based on the assessed industry fitment of the student from the available industry demand only.
    3. The Center of Excellence under no implicit or explicit manner, warrants or guarantees placements or internships based solely on a student’s desire for a particular industry/ corporation/ role profile/ remuneration structure.
    4. Participation in internship/ placement assistance through the Center of Excellence is optional. A student planning self-employment/ internship/ placement through his/her resources can opt out by completing a ‘Training & Placement Opt-out’ form and submitting the same to the Department of Training & Placements.
    5. A student seeking to participate in the Training & Placement assistance offered by Center of Excellence must complete all pre-placement/ pre-internship requisites as under to be eligible for the same –
      1. 1. Minimum of 75% attendance in class
      2. 2. Minimum passing grades in all internal evaluations: Assignments, Class Tests, Tutorials, Paper Presentations, Projects & other Academic related activities
      3. 3. No-Dues Certification from Department of Student Affairs towards tuition & non-tuition fee as per schedule
    6. A Student must adhere to all directives issued from time to time towards his/her training & placement facilitation and also be accessible on phone, email at all times for correspondence related to interview schedules and selection status.
    7. A Student is entitled to three interview opportunities each for his/her internship (as applicable) & placement. However, the Center of Excellence may increase/ decrease the given number of opportunities based upon the student’s conduct and progress during the tenure of the Program.
    8. The Center of Excellence follows a strict policy towards non-compliance with training & placement directives and a lackadaisical approach or unprofessional conduct by a student under any of the following circumstances will result in disciplinary action against the erring student and immediate debarring from all further training & placement assistance -
      1. Refusal to appear for scheduled interviews
      2. Not appearing for scheduled interviews
      3. Unprofessional conduct during scheduled interviews
      4. Not adhering to grooming guidelines during interviews and/or internship/ placement deployment
      5. Not reporting for internship/ placement deployment after acceptance of an internship/ placement offer
      6. Taking unapproved leave of absence absconding from internship/ placement deployment
        Such student will be required to complete the internship component (if applicable) of the Program on their own and submit due reports for being eligible for certification towards Program completion.
    9. The Center of Excellence only facilitates training and internships at third-party corporations with the responsibility of the business relationship (as an employer vs. trainee/employee) resting solely between the third-party company and the student. To this extent, the Center of Excellence takes no responsibility or liability towards any of the following -
      1. Default by any third-party corporation on promises to pay monies/ dues to the student for work carried out or expenses met for work carried out by the student.
      2. Change of scope of work area committed by the third-party corporate to the student.
      3. Reallocation of the student to another type of work/ work location at a later date after deployment during internship/ final placement.
      4. Occurrence of any incident at the third-party corporate site where the student may be deployed.
      5. Change in the laws of the land; company laws; internal organization structure; or business needs of a corporate impacting the working of the student during his/her internship or final placement.
        In such situations, while the Center of Excellence will try to seek a judicious resolution of the matter on behest of the student, the Center of Excellence shall not be responsible for conduct/ transactions between the third-party company and the student.
    10. The student is required to comply with all documentation requirements pertaining to his/her training & placement facilitation. Failure to comply with the T&P documentation requirements shall result in immediate withdrawal of T&P assistance of the defaulting candidate.
    11. Students opting for International Internship/Placement through Center of Excellence (Program-dependent and as applicable), may be required to pay additional charges towards Visa Processing Fee/ Visa Application Charges/ Administrative Charges etc. for procedures and paperwork related to their respective International Internship/Placement Facilitation based upon the country of deployment.
  6. Disciplinary Standing Orders
    1. The student is expected to adhere to the following Standing Orders, breach of any of which shall be construed as a ‘Misconduct’ and will invoke disciplinary action as outlined later in this section:
      1. Conduct himself/herself in compliance with Center of Excellence policies and keep informed of all the policies, rules and regulations of the Center of Excellence communicated from time to time.
      2. Maintain campus decorum at all times and conduct himself/herself in a respectful and dignified manner as representatives of Center of Excellence, in and out of the Campus.
      3. Present himself/herself as per the Center of Excellence Uniform & Grooming guidelines while at Campus or representing as a Center of Excellence student to corporate partners during visits, internships and placement interviews.
      4. Carry his/her respective identity cards/ temp. access authorization forms (issued by Center of Excellence) every day to seek access to the Campus premises and present the same to the designated security personnel at the main gate.
      5. Attend scheduled program activities and submit assessment tasks on time and fulfil all documentation formalities at various stages of his/her Program as per the directives issued by representatives of Center of Excellence from time to time
      6. Comply with the conventions of the proper use of copyright material, and not indulge in plagiarism, cheating, fraudulence or any other misconduct of this nature
      7. Ensure his/her actions do not place others at risk of harm or harassment
      8. Abstain from Falsification, distortion, or misrepresentation of information to Center of Excellence or entities associated with Center of Excellence
        1. Escalate any issue being faced by him/her during the course of the Program at Center of Excellence to the Department of Student Affairs immediately in writing
      9. Abstain from causing wilful damage to the plant, property and equipment of the Center of Excellence at all times.
    2. Any act of Violence, Harassment, Alcohol/Substance Abuse, Obscenity, Invasion of Privacy, Theft and Ragging anywhere in the campus or outside the campus is strictly prohibited. A student found involved in any such activity would be terminated from the Program and handed over to the enforcement agencies in accordance with the Law of the Land.
    3. Any student found to have indulged in willful damage to any property of the Center of Excellence shall, in addition to facing disciplinary action, be required to bear all cost towards making good the damage as determined by the Administration of Center of Excellence.
      1. I. The Center of Excellence requires regular attendance of the student to help him/her acquire employability skills through the fast-paced Programs and strongly discourages casual absenteeism. To this effect, a student who is on leave in excess of three calendar days will be required to submit a duly filled Leave Application Form along with necessary documents (as required) in support of his/her absence. A Leave Application Form without a medical certificate or evidential documentary proof will not be valid for:
        1. Absence through illness for more than 3 consecutive days
        2. Absence from examinations
        3. Absence from class tests or other forms of internal assessments
          A student absconding from the Program or on leave without due permission in excess of 5 days (barring medical emergencies), shall be liable for disciplinary action as decided by the Disciplinary Committee of the Center of Excellence.
    4. A student found in breach of the Center of Excellence Policy & Guidelines shall be issued a show-cause notice to which, he/she will be required to explain the misconduct. In case the explanation is not found reasonable to justify his/her conduct, or no reply is received within the stipulated period of time stated in the show-cause notice, the admission of the student shall stand terminated as per the directives of the Disciplinary Committee of the Center of Excellence.
    5. A student who has been terminated, dismissed or suspended from Center of Excellence shall be denied all privileges afforded to a bonafide student of Center of Excellence; and he/she shall be required to vacate the Campus premises at a time determined by the Disciplinary Committee of the Center of Excellence. In addition, after vacating Campus premises, a suspended or dismissed candidate may not re-enter upon the Center of Excellence Campus or any other office of Center of Excellence at any time or for any purpose in the absence of express written permission from the Department of Student Affairs, Center of Excellence.
    6. In rare situations when a terminated student is reinstated, the student shall be required to remit a revocation of termination fee of INR 2,000.
  7. G. Indemnifications
    1. Center of Excellence shall in no way be responsible for, or liable towards any damages, loss, injury/ death caused to the student or to his/her property from any cause whatsoever in the premises of the Center of Excellence or during an out of campus activity.
    2. Center of Excellence & its representatives shall not be liable for failure to perform the offered service obligations if such failure is as a result of Acts of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labour dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity or telephone service.
    3. Center of Excellence is not responsible for the views/ opinions/ ideas of any faculty /guest lecturer/ speaker or third-party exchanged with a student. Center of Excellence does not endorse in anyway opinion/ statement/ comment of such parties with context to unrelated opinions. Center of Excellence shall neither be responsible nor liable for any consequential damages arising on account of the applicant/student relying on views/ ideas/ opinions / statements of the above.
    4. The Center of Excellence shall issue all communications to the students through the notifications posted in the public domain on Student Notice Boards at the Campus or through designated e-mail furnished at the time of admission by the student. The Center of Excellence shall be absolved of all obligations towards notifying students for any matter pertaining to them after -
      1. Posting information in the public domain on Students Notice Boards at the Campus OR
      2. Sending e-mail(s) at the designated e-Mail addresses furnished at the time of admissions
    5. The Center of Excellence may also use student information, AVs (audio-visuals), images and other related information of the student for academic purposes, marketing campaign or in any way deemed necessary without requiring any further consent from the enrolled student.
    6. An applicant/ student enrolling in the program unequivocally submits to resolve all disputes pertaining to admission, fee remittances, academic program, internship/ placement assistance, or any other matter involving the construction & or application of any of the terms, provisions or conditions of this policy document through Arbitration only under a sole arbitrator appointed through Center of Excellence in the jurisdiction of Gurugram, INDIA under the covenants of the Arbitration Act of 1996.
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